PatchDance's user manual is in the form of several HTML files w/ assorted image files. You can look at it online if you like, or download the entire archive to your hard disk and read or print it from there.

Read online (connects to Introduction)

Download entire manual (253K for Release 2.2)


Manual Notes:

Manual update: There is none for Manual 2.2: there were so many changes that it wasn't worth it.

The chapter titled Examples is not yet written: this is a complex subject and takes time. The Overview chapter contains many small examples that should help you get started; the actual tutorials will have to wait.

Some graphics reflect OS8, some were done with 7.6.1. A few contain small errors (usually discovered in the process of writing the Manual!) There will be periodic graphics updates as well as text changes additions.

If you find broken links or glaring typos/factual errors, TELL ME! An apparent error in the documentation may in fact be a bug in the program that I need to fix. Please be as specific as possible when describing an error - there are much better uses for my time than long hunts through HTML files.