Paying the Price


The program is now available at no charge - email for a license key. Support is available but not guaranteed to be quick (previously registered customers get priority.)

The discussion of registration levels below still applies in the absence of a license Key!


Registration Levels
ALL modeling operations are ALWAYS fully enabled - except SaveŠ,
Cut/Paste into other programs (between Projects is not restricted.)
A few "comfort" features (such as Default Projects) also require you
to register.  We've tried to "break out" features to minimize the cost
for hobbyists.
Upgrading from one level to another is available at slightly increased
cost (to cover expenses).  These prices/levels are subject to change -
register now.
0 (free) - Demo version.  Projects cannot be saved (or objects pasted
  into other applications) if the Project contains more than 125 Points.
  No default documents. Animation and rendering will also have limits.
1 ($25) - Hobbyist.  No limitation on saving in PatchDance's native 
  format, other formats + Paste into other applications limited to
  Projects of less than 250 Points.  For plugin filters that open our
  files in other applications, only files with less than 250 Points can
  be opened.  Animation and rendering limits are increased (when
  available).  Default documents work.
2 ($75 or $55 + Level 1) No limitation on saving files or Paste into
  other applications.
More Levels may be added as more features are released.  Registering at
the the highest available Level (2) NOW gives unlimited use of all
features (currently available or not) through your Good through Version.
Students can register individual copies at half price;  e-mail me if
you're interested and we'll figure out how to do this.
You can pay by e-mail or regular mail, and a web page capable of taking
a credit card will be available in the near future.  For checks and
money orders ONLY (no charge cards), feel free to send it directly to
me (faster);  for all other methods, use the Register program included
in the PatchDance package.  Feel free to e-mail me when you send in a
payment:  it may speed up my response.
PatchDance is registered using a small file called a Key, which is
placed in the PatchDance folder inside your System/Preferences (drop it
on PatchDance to put it in the right place automatically).  Double-click
the Key file for more information.
I will (grudgingly) mail a key on a floppy for $5 extra;  otherwise an
e-mail address is required.