PatchDance is a 3D graphics package. It is currently limited to modeling, is PowerMac only, and outperforms essentially everything else available on the Mac platform. It is patterned after heavy duty professional software rather than familiar low end programs, making it less "pretty" but very powerful. It is completely vertex-oriented and spline based, and is more suited to organic type modeling than to CAD or architecture. It is already being used for real work and has lots of friends in the industry.

PatchDance is shareware, but the program is still usable without paying. Almost all modeling features are fully enabled, and you can save files (up to a size limit). The limitations are designed to be adequate for "playing around" and there are several levels to let you pay as little as possible. See Paying the Price.

Don't miss my other shareware! There's several more items available (ALL are now free). This is how I unwind in the evenings.

Page last updated: April 11, 2003.


My website was recently destroyed by a disreputable (and not even cheap) host. I've had to regenerate some of the files to move to a new host, so this really isn't an update. Don't get careless about backups just because your files are stored offsite!

I have removed the need to pay for PatchDance. I have been forced to take a full time job, and cannot devote enough time to development to justify charging for it. The full version is now available at no charge. Download below and email me for a license key.

Email support is offered but no longer guaranteed. I will continue to support the product to the extent possible for previous paid customers.

I'd like to say that an open source OS X version will eventually appear, but it won't be anytime soon.


Seventeenth Update (v1.0b17):

This fixes three bugs. Two involved Animation:Master model files. A memory problem could lead to crashing with certain types of model, and an extra space I added to the files to make POV Ray files more readable turned out to completely confuse A:M! The third bug was minor but annoying, involving the Save Files dialog, and probably few of you have seen it. Check out the Read Me for more info.

I (actually, one of you) just discovered that the file PatchDance Extras, which contains a couple of example file among other things, has a problem. The 2 example files are bad! I believe that this is due to their being created with an old version of the program. The copy on the web site has been fixed.

The Manual is currently at version 2.2. It's available for download as a single file, or you can see it online. This is a complete update (no updater, sorry) because there were so many changes (broken links, etc.). I'm still happy to ask questions on topics I haven't documented.

Limitations/bugs in v1.0b17:

Future Directions:

Following the official release of v1.0, I will be working towards an Mac OSX compatible, open source release. I want to add some manner of plugin support (establish a standard method), and clean up the code (some of it dates to 1994) before letting this out.

In any case, I will continue to provide support and working, official files. PatchDance is huge and very complex; it's probably not feasible for any but an experienced programmer to build the program (certainly not for what I charge!), but I hope many of you will take a look. Hopefully someone can figure out the missing pieces of Booleans and how to polygonize 3 sided Coons patches better than I've been able to do so far.



Nice to have:



Download the latest release (v1.0b17, 1279K) This includes the application, manual, and Extras. This is for new users and CDROM producers/BBS operators that want a single file.

Download/view the complete documentation package

Download PatchDance Extras (95K). This contains: POV Ray support files and a few examples.

Download Human Head Tutorial (437K) This is a demonstration of modeling a basic human head, provided by a user. The program has changed some since it was done, but the theory is still good.


See READ ME for my (simple, free) terms and consider this:

BBS / FTP sites: If at all possible, just link to this page: that way everyone always has access to the latest. If this isn't possible, at least try to include link information.
CDROM producers: Contact me for latest release info. I can e-mail you a complete package; otherwise I suggest that you download everything (1279K) rather than trying to get all the files separately.


I provide free Tech Support by email
Any and all comments, suggestions and problems are welcome (I actually enjoy getting mail). PLEASE let me know what version you're using and where you got it when writing.

Many thanks to Grant Adam of Uncommon Characters, who provided the neat artwork. PatchDance's home page is finally getting some class.

Paul Sexton
(email me)

My thanks to everyone who has worked with me through this project;
PatchDance is pretty huge for one man, but I haven't been alone.

..."With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26